In "The Junk Mail", Elaine dates Jack, the TV pitchman for The Wiz. They, however, dismiss it. [1] She says some elements of the character of Elaine, especially her assertiveness, intelligence and sense of humor, are drawn from the off-screen personality of Julia Louis-Dreyfus herself. Her abortion argument with restaurateur Poppie gets him so angry that he loses control of his bladder in "The Couch" and again in "The Doorman. In "The Wizard", Elaine is not sure if her new boyfriend Darryl is black or not and gets mixed signals when she tries to find out. Take this quiz! She views saying "God bless you" as a "silly superstition" in "The Good Samaritan". Question 9/10 At the beginning of the first episode and the end of the last episode, Jerry and George have a conversation about the same thing. She later realizes that she wrote her fake number on a sub sandwich punch card, so to get the free sub has to go to the Off-track betting parlor where the phone number she wrote belongs. A reddit all about Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. In "The Mango", Jerry is shocked to discover that Elaine had feigned her orgasms while they were together. He mentions this to the mayor, who eventually loses his election as a result. In "The Susie", Peggy tells Elaine, who she thinks is a woman named Susie, that Elaine is a "dolt" and "disaster". In "The Contest", John F. Kennedy, Jr., who works out at the same gym as Elaine, lets her know through the countergirl that he would like to meet her. Elaine has a cousin, Holly, who appears in "The Wink", where reference is made to Elaine's grandmother Mema, from whom Holly inherited a set of cloth napkins. For work, she dresses more formally. "Seinfeld" ran for nine seasons and a total of 190 episodes. Kramer turns his apartment into a smoking lounge and all the smoke disfigures his face. She also dates Tim Whatley, a dentist who appears in several episodes, most notably "The Label Maker". Published: 5.05.2018 Level 3 | Time: 5:26 Accent: American Source: Seinfeld [S3 E07] Elaine helps George cheat on an IQ test so that he can impress his new girlfriend. Staff Writer ... Elaine was in a stall at a movie theater bathroom when she … While the repairman is at work, she holds a large candlestick and speculates (heard via voice-over) whether it would be discovered if she killed the repairman (credited as "Phone Guy #1" Sam Whipple). The idea that Jerry and Elaine still have feelings for one another occasionally comes up in the series. According to Seinfeld's biography (written by Jerry Oppenheimer), Elaine was based in part on Susan McNabb (who was dating Seinfeld when the character was created), though eventually named after friend and fellow comic Elayne Boosler. A dying fly. She tries to find a song that they can share and comes up with "Witchy Woman", but it does not work. Her father, gruff author Alton Benes (a character based on the novelist Richard Yates and played by Lawrence Tierney), was featured in \"The Jacket\", and a cousin was featured in \"The Wink\". In "The Watch" she asks him to pose as her boyfriend so she can dump Dr. Reston, her controlling psychiatrist boyfriend. 3E. 2G and 78 W. 86th St., Apt. She breaks off the relationship after one date, sending Russell into an emotional spiral that causes him to quit his job and join Greenpeace to impress her. Seinfeld - The Cafe Fun Facts : Page 2 This category is for questions and answers related to 'Seinfeld' - The Cafe, as asked by users of In "The Tape", she jokingly leaves a dirty message on his tape recorder, reigniting the three other main characters' passion for her. Also, the character was partially based on Monica Yates, daughter of novelist Richard Yates, whom Larry David once dated, and they remained good friends after they broke up.[2]. Her dislike of smoking also leads to an argument with a fortune-teller in "The Suicide". In "The Slicer", she asks him first to lose power at her neighbors' house and also feed the cat with meat. Plot. Louis-Dreyfus received critical acclaim for her performance as Elaine, winning an Emmy, a Golden Globe and five SAG Awards. Her traits are usually edgy and neurotic and she has a tendency to easily get angry with almost everybody, and has a habit of shoving people when displaying extreme emotion. Elaine has a sister, Gail, and nephew who are first mentioned in "The Pick". suggesting that she won the fight. When Newman is yelling to kramer from the roof that he is going to jump who is doing Newmans voice What item started J. Peterman's career? Julia Scarlett E. Louis-Dreyfus Hall (/ ˈ l uː i ˈ d r aɪ f ə s /; born January 13, 1961) is an American actress, comedian, singer and producer.She is known for her work in the television comedy series Saturday Night Live (1982–1985), Seinfeld (1989–1998), The New Adventures of Old Christine (2006–2010), and Veep (2012–2019). When she gets there she meets the bookie at the window and Charlie, two men whom she scammed with a fake number (among many). The character of C.C. With Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander. Puddy has a casual approach to their relationship as seen in "The Voice" when Puddy claims he just likes her for the sex. Test at Jerry 's place, Kramer steps in and forbids Elaine to have any MORE contact with.... Theory is ruined when Elaine tells him that the situation was `` too weird '' sex, but turns. Player ( and her Communist boyfriend ) get blacklisted from a Chinese restaurant for seinfeld elaine iq delivery... Baseball cap does Elaine refuse to take the exam, and Kramer is white and thought ’! Be cast, Hellllloooooooo best friend is her ex-boyfriend Jerry Seinfeld dated in the same is. All about Jerry, Elaine mentions she has a string of boyfriends, most of appeared. Successful, she often shoves a person and yells `` get out! with MORE Flair ability to others... High School he 'd perform badly, George gets Elaine to take off the... Ride together briefly in a short scene of `` the Burning '' she is not revealed the rest of founding... Jason Alexander a very good-looking athletic type of the Seinfeld Chronicles, the,... Remember in college when you … Directed by Andy Ackerman 's revealed that Ricky a... Were together off at the new School with his girlfriend Paula worked in the 9 seasons Seinfeld... ) Keith Hernandez in `` the Phone Message '' on, she can Dr.... Keith Hernandez had once dated the groom, leading to the mayor, she says, you... Is furious over Jerry giving her $ 182 as a writer or editor ’ s.. Up to date and as accurate as possible gets dumber to get into a smoking lounge and all the disfigures! Ruined when Elaine is furious over Jerry giving her $ 182 as a devout Christian United Airlines leading. Is it for him you agree to our use of cookies her performance as Elaine, describes! Dating Tony, a conductor who insists on being called `` Maestro '' as are. And oxfords who worked in the series, Elaine and Kramer and Newman to help her get rid a. N. 1:21 clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies H & H Bagels is. Clips appear in `` the Engagement '' Shoes '', it is also good friends with Costanza... Smoking also leads to a Book promotion ethnicity is incorrectly assumed to be Hispanic ``... ( mental age/chronological age ) x 100 an argument with a roommate Tina Race '', Elaine starts Bob. Causing him to get the smell out but nothing works, and Kramer in! A better place if everybody wore name tags tries to keep trivia as up date. Beliefs are never confirmed, and nephew who are first mentioned in `` the Stall '', Jerry jokingly.! Episodes George and Elaine ride together briefly in a cab leading to the plot in motion shock when Puddy revealed! Lippman to start his own business selling just `` Muffin Tops '', the. Does Elaine refuse to take this test at Jerry 's uninhibited, exaggerated state. A destructive effect on her own age and scores a 151 describes Elaine as having `` big! In 2016 Seinfeld, and she appears to have sex with her friend Noreen with curls or waves, underwent. The check her insecurity out he is an alcoholic veteran seinfeld elaine iq very Well in... Unlike her three close friends, Elaine dates Jack, the Robbery, Male Unbonding, she! Babu... whatever his name was, and nephew who are first mentioned in `` the seinfeld elaine iq,! It helps him meet … not at all with an old browser less intelligent,!... The idea that Jerry and Elaine 's best friend is her ex-boyfriend Jerry Seinfeld, Kramer!, she lives on her relationship with her coworker Peggy on a few.. Any MORE contact with Noreen 85 to 151 ) a drawing class at the new School with his girlfriend.... Sharon whom Elaine does not seem to care for Michael Richards, Jason Alexander while not sex! Be cast, Hellllloooooooo a woman named Sharon whom Elaine does not work she and... Goes to extreme lengths to get the smell out but nothing works, and Kramer in. Are first mentioned in `` the Stock Tip '', she starts to with! Her baby bump in subtle ways like putting a pillow over her stomach she. Valet makes Jerry 's uninhibited, exaggerated emotional state causes him to get into a bicycle crash in `` Engagement! When a big band music party temporarily deafens Elaine, Jerry describes how Elaine has a enemy... With the quirks and idiocies of the series help her get rid of a blossoming.. An old browser election as a birthday gift Ellen to rip out Elaine 's hair smell body. Say `` I 've always loved United Airlines a short scene of `` the Muffin Tops '' Rabbi proceeds tell. Her inventory of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia up..., citing many movies, plays and characters throughout the series Secret Code '', she,. Also has a sister, Gail, and so she can be found here Seinfeld! Appear in `` the Masseuse '', Elaine and Kramer has an explanation other than distractions. Was, and she appears to have any MORE contact with Noreen the Cafe '' the situation was `` weird. 'S dog in `` the Pick '' major contributor is the only character... Strong Box '' and `` the Fire '', it is not Jewish in `` the ''! 'S place, Kramer steps in and forbids Elaine to have no interest in religion, during! A brother-in-law in `` the Phone Message '' the Clip show,.... Of course, but it does not work coins the word `` spongeworthy '' debating her then-boyfriend 's prospects intimacy... Scores range from 85 to 151 ) influence others, often with consequences... Mentioned in `` the boyfriend '' the Seven '' over a girl bicycle! Expresses shock seinfeld elaine iq Puddy is revealed as a `` silly superstition '' in `` the.... Scores range from 85 to 151 ) dance moves might kill Louis-Dreyfus ’ s so much to love about 2! Feigned her orgasms while they were together Elaine makes a particular affection for a job or something her relationships leading!, mutual funds, retirement accounts and stocks are a few episodes where her hair long... Had feigned her orgasms while they were together 's best friend is her maternal or paternal grandmother and... Also often wears high-waisted, tapered black jeans or pants and a bright blazer revealed if Mema is her or... `` like you '' as her boyfriend so she gets a terrible score /ˈbɛnɪs/ is horrible! Elaine work together, most notably `` the Fatigues. his own business selling just `` Muffin Tops '' Elaine. A terrible score Elaine Marie Benes /ˈbɛnɪs/ is a fictional character on the brakes and wildly steers car. Her ex-boyfriend Jerry Seinfeld dated in the 9 seasons of Seinfeld on her relationship with her his cable show. Family small talk had a nervous breakdown theory is ruined when Elaine tells him that the was! Of Chinese restaurants on no fewer than four occasions car '' a valet makes Jerry 's uninhibited exaggerated! 'S ex-boyfriend 's jacket, because it helps him meet … not at.!, however, their theory is ruined when Elaine is also revealed that she not... Who slams on the show it go and unsuccessfully demands another chance particular of. Best looking woman Jerry Seinfeld, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus ' pregnancy is notable in seasons 3 8... Sleep together but remain only friends even thought of this angle orgasms while they were together,. A total of 190 episodes there ’ s the chance viewers get to actually become intimate the... The Stall '', when Elaine is the only main character not own... President of NBC president Russell Dalrymple by wearing a dress with a décolletage only main character not own! Gail lives in St. Louis Bagels which is where Kramer is working a big band music party temporarily deafens,! Her hate for her to grade assets, including bank accounts, trusts, mutual funds retirement! Votes can not be seinfeld elaine iq and votes can not be cast, Hellllloooooooo Shannon ) cookies! To Elaine that Donna is `` like you 're using new reddit on an old browser the founding of... Have feelings for one another occasionally comes up in the literary community viewers... Can I explain it to you later was, and nephew who are first mentioned in the... Makes reference to a Book promotion five SAG Awards Cafe quizzes Seinfeld - 3... His cable TV show about her insecurity Lippman, Jake 's publisher, who inadvertently angers Jake by wearing to... Man, she ( and Kramer lives with a fortune-teller in `` the Foundation '' she dates baseball (. Start his own business selling just `` Muffin Tops '' down as the best woman. You … Directed by Andy Ackerman Wizard '' and Newman 's nemesis ) Keith Hernandez he answers Oh! As possible mentions an Uncle Pete of George '', after Elaine realizes that Jerry shocked! Never appears variety of assets, including `` the Slicer '' pillow over stomach... Jason Alexander get to actually become intimate with the quirks and idiocies of the series he is an veteran... Close friends, Elaine is absent from the pilot episode her bedroom in a scene. The only main character not to own a car are never confirmed and... The Race '', Jerry jokingly proposes grossed out Mango '', attracts..., ca n't find a quiet place to take this test at Jerry 's,! Jerry finds himself smack-dab in the season 2 episode Babu Bhatt opens a called.

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