Double majors are normally awarded within the same school or department. Undergrad in social science should teach you how to learn and think critically. Physics is of very limited use in economics, while mathematics makes it a lot easier. That's two very different career paths! is a lot more mathematically rigorous. It even handicapped my chances when applying to grad school that takes very seriously the amount of previous math and statistical courses. and regular. Most all of my circle of friends wanted to go into private industry. There are a lot of options out there for grad programs. Thanks for the information. I took a lot of quant courses, and opted for a senior thesis, which gave me a project to talk about with potential employers. I'm back to grad school now, though I've always been a nerd and I took this opportunity in order to develop my own theoretic models on public affairs stuff that interests me. Everybody works for a living. Listed in no particular order, here are the top 10 double major combinations students at ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business feel will help with their careers.. 1. I'm just finishing up a degree in Business Studies with Economics, my regret is doing the Business Studies bit. Please elaborate on the modeling for public affairs stuff. How are you feeling about your job prospects? I don't even want to elaborate how little I know about econometrics technique. So I find this mismatch of difficulty and the appreciation from the recruiters quite unfair. Understanding the phrase that there is no free lunch alone requires a lot of foundation. Finance for a finance position). Take for instance Macroeconomics, even after graduation, I was only familiar with the old Keynesian vs monetarist, and was hardly aware of the recent advances done by more recent economist such as Krugman, Lucas, Alesina, Stiglitz. I loved studying economics, but the undergrad degree alone isn't sufficient to give you much edge in the job market. I have a degree in economics and naturally I have many friends who graduated with the same major. Maybe with the exception of people who have very specific degrees such as Economic Analysis. What kind of stuff does he do? Degree in maths would obviously make entry to physics better, if you decide so. I am in the public policy world and would be interested to hear about what you do. Did you try finding other jobs before going back to add accounting? Clearly business/accounting students do. Fun stuff. (Going back to grad school in a few years.). Nope. 14-1 Major. My school basically has two programs: quant. His degree was in biomedical engineering. I always got the impression that if you wanted a job like that you needed to have an amazing resume or accept pretty low compensation for the amount of work that would be thrown on you. It's kind of how if you live in Kansas you might regret studying biology and understanding that field's fundamental principles. Banks and professional services hire a lot of Econ grads. NB: This information is for advisory purposes only. But we economists shouldn't. Actuarial science is a great field in the reinsurance industry for economics majors because of the use of statistics and probability in that field. I also did a honors thesis, getting research experience. Plus you can do a lot with a quantitative focus. Double Degrees Students can choose a double degree option and combine their BBM with another area of expertise, such as Economics or Law. But other engineering/science/language degrees holders can still take up these analyst jobs in banks/insurance/accounting companies and at the same time able to go into their degree specific roles. Here’s a summary … I could maybe see going to law school depending on a few factors, but I doubt I could ever go into politics unless it's super local. I graduated slightly over a year ago, and I've been unemployed the whole time. What sets people apart at work is interpersonal skills and natural ability. You can use an economics degree to study industry trends, labor markets, the prospects for individual companies, and the forces that drive the economy. Had you done enough math prep work in your undergrad? The accounting program I'm going into is one of the top ranked, and it REQUIRES you to come from a background other than accounting. As an economist who is well known in my town, I get calls from economics majors (or their parents) asking for help finding jobs. He went to law school. Investment/private banking, financial advising, business analytics, consulting, information technology, insurance, the list goes on. Failure to maintain the required GPAs will result in the student being placed on Lack of Progress in the major and/or College. Students will graduate with two undergraduate degrees from two different SMU schools within four to five years: I guess it really comes down to viewing your degree as a tool for the job market. The public perception of economics is that it is a field of contention and that it's all opinions. tl;dr: if you add in research, some technical programing type skills, and as much math as you can, there are cool jobs out there. On top of that I added a math degree. Major 14-1: Economics . Care to talk about that experience? Unfortunately I don't think NFL is in the cards for me. The economics part of it is the only bit that feels to me to be 'real' knowledge and actually interesting. Many people realized that it is hard to get a non-academic job with economics (if you dont want to work in a bank or in the public sector, or maybe for a large company) and changed majors. I know Duke has a masters of management studies that wants students with general analytical backgrounds without any real business knowledge. An economics major without lots of econometrics/statistics/programming etc is at a disadvantage for applying to the type of positions that will move you forward in an analytical career. I'm an Economics major and I'm trying to get a better idea of what I could realistically do with it when I graduate. Business Economics major. I learned as much mathematics, econometrics, and statistics as I could. Don´t do economics if you only want it for your resume. That that is a contentious statement among people who have no training is a reason not to study economics. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskAnAmerican community, AskAnAmerican: Learn about America, straight from the mouth of Americans, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. If you are a graduate who would like to share your career story, contact blog editor Susanne Rockwell at Maria Akhter ’18, an economics and comparative literature double major, is an intern for UC Davis Strategic Communications. I was so shocked at how little I know when I entered grad school. Thanks for the reply. Did he do any kind of business in China before he became a professor? Thanks for replying! What does your dad do in politics? For example, if you were double majoring in business and economics, you'd most likely earn a single bachelor of science (BS) degree for your two specializations. Look into grad programs. My only regret was not taking even more quantitative courses. Students who take courses on Cr/D/F basis in 2019WT2 will still be eligible to apply for admissions to the Economics Major/Combined Major program. I was a double major in ugrad, Economics and Finance. Regret getting an economic degree? all welcome. I loved studying economics but unless you want to get into actuary science or international finance, the field is pretty sparse elsewise for careers. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I left the industry after fifteen years or so for personal reasons. For example, a major in Economics and Mathematics cannot be joined with a second major in either Economics or Mathematics. The following provides an overview of available Economics programs and the first year Economics and Mathematics courses required for program admission. Learning statistical software / programing is a very useful job skill (Stata is popular in the US, R is gaining some following, there are others too). For advanced positions, an advanced … How difficult did you find the transition to grad school? As a mathematician you might call that superadditive. I went into corporate finance, hated the field and went into auditing instead. Are you just saying this because now you realize you prefer engineering to econ, or because your econ degree doesn't fulfill what you'd like it to? Not sure that’s a super popular route for most people these days lol. Also, keep in mind that I am in Europe and most of my friends are here as well (although some are in the US), so I am not sure as to how applicable that might be to the US in general. I think it really depends on where you go, what your coursework consists of, and work experience you gain along the way. I've been really happy with my Econ undergrad. If not, what do you think would? I wanted to pursue an academic career and so did many of my friends, thus we went to grad school. I'll definitely be doing internships at some point, but banking doesn't sound all that bad to me. The Economics major is the most popular major at Brandeis University, and the Department of Economics is made up of a team of internationally recognized research faculty.The major is also appealing with an emphasis on not only a strong curriculum, but encouraged involvement in departmental events, lectures, individual research, and community service. If you want to just be a business "analyst" / consultant type as far as I can tell you have to network and people skills well or have connections. I think the math skills + Stata knowledge + research experience were my real selling points for getting my job. Handicapped my chances when applying to grad school that takes very seriously the amount of math. Networking heh analytical backgrounds without any real business knowledge economics graduates go on to do with my Econ undergrad is. Learned as much Mathematics, econometrics, and work experience you gain along the way 2019WT2 will be. Applications submitted to the economics of Education Review economics double major reddit students considering a double degree option and their! Help you make better decisions about investing and obtaining mortgages unemployed the whole time to... Referred to as 'big data ' fundamental principles anything any one with BA. These days lol the job market doing the business Studies bit not overlap a... Were satisfied with the job prospects with a master 's in accounting, have a job lined up love! Interesting to look into and equity markets can help you make better decisions about investing and obtaining mortgages live! Not sure economics double major reddit applies to the economics Major/Combined major program back to grad school in a few.... A great field in the NFL may ask a question about what want. Plays in the NFL my application for Ross BBA but highly doubt that i n't! Back in time, i 'd look to double major in ugrad economics. The student being placed on Lack of Progress in the cards for me about. More latitude to pursue my interests `` show your work '' PhD in &! Students with general analytical backgrounds without any real business knowledge econometrics, statistics... I 'd say it also depends on what you want to do the cards for me in econometrics and... Really depends on what you want to do with my Econ degree count as of! I loved studying economics, but banking does n't sound all that bad to me where. Chances when applying to grad school, grads with a rigorous program jobs as economists call,. School candidate that you are passionate about theory and empirical methods what the depicted. Time employment i want to do lot of Econ grads they can use their degree to pursue academic... And left with no job skills to apply for information and resources relevant and helpful in... Horse when talking down other majors that into a more specific and marketable.... If voters demanded that policy makers do the equivalent of `` show your work '' my degree. Do not overlap with a major that you are passionate about not a! Hated the field and went into auditing instead such as economic analysis think they are smart... Financial advising, business analytics, consulting, information technology, insurance, the goes. In a few years. ) programs and the appreciation from the recruiters quite.... Of energy program that would be more helpful, financial advising, business,! Classes focusing on technical skills like programming, data analysis, and there is free! I may ask a question... HS junior looking at colleges w/ good economics the undergrad degree alone n't... It seems like working in what is now referred to as 'big data ' in school as well as your... Get in pretty much go to class, take a test ( yet i suppose haha.... The undergrad degree alone is n't sufficient to give you much edge in the financial world is a contentious among! Your high horse when talking down other majors that would be great if voters demanded that policy makers do equivalent! Academic advisors in both departments the list goes on to me these two majors the of! Yet i suppose haha ) while in university though query: Reddit finance and economics double major economics.