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Question Car stereo/amplifier issues: 5.1 Issues from PC to tv/stereo: Technics SU-Z990 operational issues: Car Double Din Stereo Issue: Realistic STA-430 Stereo Reciver Volume Issue! My ML 350 car radion on FM fluctuates..can you tell me why? It sounds like the bottom speaker lowers in volume and the overall sound becomes compressed and muffled as if the stereo is too wide. When driving my mother’s 2002 Oldsmobile Alero I have noticed the volume of the stereo fluctuates with speed. Donut Dec 2, 2018. All our headsets for wireless personal use. Help Please Hey how's it going guys. The last couple days I noticed the volume of the sound system randomly rises/falls in odd cycles. It gets connected but show talking or calling and don’t play music. Sports Headphones. Noise cancelling microphones and all-day comfort. Volume can still be controlled normally with a remote. Try therefore to do a wider research about your car speakers. It's about the same age as yours and like you the sound fluctuates randomly on any of the inputs. The volume control 'encoder' is probably either faulty or dirty. FordGT90Concept "I go fast!1!11!1!" #4. When we accelerate the volume goes up, when we brake it gets softer. So I have a Pioneer DEH-P7500MP powering stock speakers. I went years only using the remote because I noticed that if I tried to use the volume knob, some time in the next few hours, the volume would suddenly start climbing on its on. Refurbished products and deals. Hey guys, So I finally got to upgrading my stereo in my 09 DC with JBL system. In early 2021, CNET Forums will no longer be available. Sweat and dust resistant that stay in your ear. M&R Electronics has over 40 years of radio repair experience. The problem is intermittent and will be really hard to prove/demonstrate. The phone I have connected when this happens is … Radio volume. For 4 ohms driver, find a sealed box of roughly 15 to 20 liters. Sometimes it's barely noticeable, sometimes it becomes completely inaudible. C. Cowcrusader Junior Member. Wireless Stereo Headphones. I cannot find any correlation between anything I'm doing with the car … It also works on amplified speakers. If I restart the game or wait for a while it seems to fix itself. Itsmy first stereo build/install. It only last a few seconds, but it's starting to get really annoying. It might explain the sudden changes in volume in everything and the setting is applied only to an specify output device hence why your headphones are not affected. I recently got a system … Typically, when people speak, the volume is lower. Call Centre Headsets. I have a similar problem with a TEAC Stereo Receiver from the early 2000's that almost certainly has to do with the volume knob. Car Stereo Stopped Working no Power. Wiring, Electrical and Installation Help. Single ear form factor made for calls. Any clues as to why this happens? Bluetooth Mono Headsets. Over the ear headphones. covered it all with black carpeting and trimmed the black plastic to fit … When … Click to expand... G_Wayne_Ta_XNO said: ↑ yes I have the same issue. Thanks Yes the inside and outside should be kept perfectly clean, and salt air will cause it too. Your amplifier could have a completley different problem, though it is Edit: Just read that you may have fixed it but it's worth to check if you have it enabled anyways . Sound volume fluctuates greatly. Sports Headphones. Typical auto volume systems cannot tell the difference between the center channel and the ambient or background sounds. Remove and pull out the black plastic knob (volume control) located on the front of your receiver. The volume seems to have a mind of its own - without touching the dial, the volume drifts up and down as if the signal strength is waning, but there's no static whatsoever. Many car amplifiers are incorrectly diagnosed and sent in for repair/returned because of incorrect hookup. was you able to find out anything? Audio/volume keeps on changing from loud to low randomly. Android auto causes the volume on my car stereo to lower then go back up. Discounted headsets for … Maintenance/Repairs. Anyone know why the amp is doing this - it seems starved for power but it's only a 250 watt system so I don't think this should be the case. it fits perfectly and is solid. A couple of weeks ago I started to notice something that was going on with the radio in my car where if it was over about 35% volume, the volume level would go down by itself. bluetooth, radio, SD etc. Sometimes the amp itself really is at fault. All our headsets for wireless personal use. I haven't spent a long time troubleshooting it yet and hope that the average lifespan of this equipment isn't 5 years; if so, I'm rather disappointed. It seems to be app-specific as if I play music with the app still running in the background … Click to expand... Can't fault the phone for trying to protect your ears from the loud sounds. Noise-cancelling microphones and all-day comfort. Trucking & fleet … Jun 10, 2011 #1 Ok so I have had so much trouble trying to find anyone with a similar problem on the web. G_Wayne_Ta_XNO. Jun 10, 2011 24 0 Saint Louis, Missouri. In my car, there is a "maximum startup volume" for each individual apsect of the stereo's input options e.g. I checked the Alternator and it seems to be fine. Joined Oct 13, 2008 Messages 26,147 (5.84/day) Location … After updating my phone, it’s having problem with every bluetooth speaker or car stereo. All car radio repairs also come with a full 1-year warranty to make sure you get the most out of our services. Whether you are interested in audiophile-level quality or just want to listen to your favorite tunes on your daily commute, these tips can help … It's just the FM radio volume drifting up and down constantly, making it difficult to hear the stations. If your car stereo suddenly stopped working, it is most likely that the stereo is not getting 12v power. They are not definitive in any way. G_Wayne_Ta_XNO, Dec 2, … Here are a few common problems and what can be done to troubleshoot, as well as fix them (my fixes are the most common. If I try, it automatically lowers the sound back to 15 … read more Even stereo sound tracks tend to place dialog in the middle. The volume of my car audio fluctuates. Sometimes the radio play ok and then it goes real low volume only on FM channel Should I consider putting in a 130 watt alternator in place of the 95 watt alternator? It's not a problem with the volume bar or the slider going up and down. Yes, I have a 13" stubby antenna installed, but that's been installed for 4000+ of those 5000 miles … On random occasions it would change from loud to low or low to loud. with my car stereo memory: Issue with using stereo speakers on C/sb channel Try this first, (if you want to). Though car stereo speakers are easy to install, they aren't always easy to operate. Logitech s120 stereo speakers issue: Playstation 3 Stereo Sound Issue: power supply issue. However, the volume fluctuates when I drive. If i … - 2000 Jaguar S-Type My pioneer car stereo KWX830BTS is having a strange problem where it will not allow me to turn up the volume on a hands-free phone call above 15. I built an amp rack and mounted the JBL amp and my 400w amp to it, then mounted my 10" sub in a truck box to that and put it behind the back 60 part of the seat. The scan just keeps going and does not stop. Wireless Stereo Headphones. It only happens when AA is running. These systems are often aggressively turning the volume down if it jumps too high or up if it jumps too low. … However, it is still annoying when it happens … I've been having problems with my sound and audio for a while and it's really frustrating. This technique repairs poorly operating volume control's in under 1 minute with NO disassembly needed. My personal vehicle has a Kenwood head unit and the other vehicle is a 2016 Chevy Silverado with the standard factory installed head unit. Single-ear form factor made for calls. As of December 1, 2020, the forums are in read-only format. Refurbished products and deals. Bluetooth Mono Headsets. Look behind the volume control and you'll see a small board with the encoder mounted on it. Aside from bringing the car back to the dealer, is there anything else I can do? It happens in two different vehicles. If I use straight bluetooth it does not happen. Can the control be cleaned with an electronics cleaner like CRC? Subwoofer volume fluctuates Thread starter Cowcrusader; Start date Jun 10, 2011; Forums. Blogs Car Info Our Show Deals Mechanics Files Vehicle Donation. Usually it works great and is loud, but recently it only plays and about half volume and then randomly gets loud (usually when on the highway, or after running the car without the radio on for a while). Stereo volume fluctuates and the tape deck sounds like the speakers are blown but the radio sounds fine what's the - Chevrolet 1992 Lumina question Adjusting the volume when it drops/rises just means the next "cycle" will be even more inaudible/ear splitting. What is wrong? Thank you for being a valued part of the CNET community. G_Wayne_Ta_XNO likes this. Admittedly I have also had some minor capacitor pop on turn off for a few years now and the volume dial also doesn't respond well. No matter how recent your new car audio installation may or may not be, many issues can crop up, such as sound cutting out, being distorted, or not working at all. bluetooth volume fluctuates even after disabling the absolute volume. Undo the … July 4, 2016, 7:58pm #1. We specialize in ALL Domestic radios as well as most Japanese/Korean models; Most repairs take as little as 1-2 business days to repair and ship back to you ; All repairs come with a full 1 year warranty; Free … Can dust/dirt on the pc board near the volume control IC cause this type of problem? Call Center Headsets. and having the limit set too low can cause the source volume to be reduced when first connected (so I don't get a shock if it's too loud when I'm driving) and then slowly build to the volume it's actually set to. When there is a laugh track, music or special effect, the sound volume increases quite a bit. Since I had a high powered stereo installed in my 91 towncar, at idle the volume fluctuates and if the AC is on it cuts off and on until I step on the gas pedal. An example would be a program where a couple is talking in a car. In-ear headphones . Use Volumes To Build An Enclosure; If you can’t access the T/S parameters, the best thing to do is to approximate the volume of the enclosure using the impedance ratings. I notice that every now and then the volume of my VW 2006 Passat radio will get louder -- even though I have set the Speed Sensitve Volume Contol is set to zero. If you mean the volume fluctuates, it happens to me sometimes with games. Car Audio Help 101 . When the … Disconnect the power from your receiver. Volume drops off as I get further from towers and signal weakens. lizsulak. The knob in question is the type that will spin forever in either … Remove the top cover on your VSX-D608. Discounted headsets for a limited time only . I'm not sure what the problem is but it's really … I thought it was just my imagination but my radio volume fluctuates. It fades up and down, sometimes almost inaudible, other times way too loud. Sweat and dust resistant that stay in your ear.
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