And there is an old resort in Moorea called the Bali Hai Resort that has a few overwater bungalows along its shore. They don't offer “all-inclusive” including alcohol, however, as that seems to be almost impossible to find in the South Pacific. It looks like a nice place though. Unfortunately, there are none in the US, including in Hawaii. Thank you for the nice words. Anybody already try telunas beach resort? Amy, the only resorts that have overwater bungalows AND surfing in the same place are in the Maldives. Guanacaste, Bariloche, Quito If you are looking for a boutique water villa resort and the idea of no TV sounds like a feature you'd enjoy, this is one to consider. And we would like to take the all inclusive route so we were looking at #11 Meeru Island Resort. The most affordable location to stay at a hotel related overwater bungalow would be the AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort located in Malaysia. Antalya, We are traveling from the US.. What would your suggestions be?? Porto Hi Roger, In other words, you might pay US$100 or more extra per night to stay in resort that gets slightly better reviews. I’ve seen pictures of multi level bungalows that seem like they would be ideal for a group, but I can’t find any listed anywhere. The 16 overwater villas at the Filitheyo Island Resort are quite a bit larger than even those mentioned above, making them some of the largest in the Maldives for a standard water villa. From Tahiti you can take a very short flight to Moorea or a one-hour ferry ride, or a one-hour flight to Bora Bora. Mar del Plata, Slovakia latest updates for travelling to maldives in covid-19 – ‘the new normal’ indulge maldives 1 month ago. We live on the East coast of the U.S. so that would work for us too. Spain June is the slowest month of the year in the Maldives, and it’s one of the busiest months (along with July) of the year in Bora Bora, so you’ll get far better value in the Maldives in June. You'll first need to fly to Tahiti and then take a short flight to Tikehau Island to get here. The little island has the reception area and a small restaurant, but it's mostly sand. there are a few that you can use. Do you know how can I get this kind of deal? It features overwater bungalows in Malaysian style, with four-poster beds and a daybed. This is an excellent deal if you can find water villas offered for under US$500 per night in this size and with these amenities. The hotel will have someone to meet you at the airport to bring you to the hotel, and they will make you breakfast in the morning before taking you back to the airport for your speedboat ride. Ashley, Thank you. There are a few resorts that are within a much cheaper speed boat ride from the airport on the list below. July is part of the rainy season in the Maldives, but the rain almost always comes and goes quickly, and often it takes place overnight. France -Roger. Typically, such room costs €550 per night, even in low season. Couples wanting to get away from it all might enjoy the fact that the villas here do not have TVs at all, although they do have minibars and many other traditional features. Croatia San Francisco, At this price, the Azul Paradise should get a serious look for those looking for something romantic and interesting in the Panama region. The rates are comparable to the Avani, but the resort is not as gigantic. Worth putting on your radar at least. Also, Roger, can you please confirm that there are NO over-water bungalows in Bali, Indonesia? In other words, even shorter people can almost always just walk on the sand over to one of the many ladders or just straight up the beach. This is obviously now the largest overwater resort in the world, and it's located a bit south of the AVANI Sepang (above), and still quite near the Kuala Lumpur Airport. Their room rates are among the cheapest for overwater bungalows, but the recent reviews are excellent so guests feel they are getting a lot for their holiday money. Reviews for the resort tend to be mostly positive but a bit mixed as well, so it's wise to study the recent reviews for issues that you might also be sensitive about. The complication for most people could be the location, which is on Langkawi Island in northern Malaysia. In Bora Bora you’d have to book into one of the luxury suites at the high-end resorts to get a private pool, and those tend to start at around US$2,000 per night. Depending on the property, allows you to pay upon check-in, or sometimes they give a better rate for advanced payment. Thanks for the information. I chose Honeyfund because it allows you to use your money how you want and it’s free. saintsaens, those prices are all per night, unfortunately. Topics: Islands; Resorts; 1 of 10. Cost of an Overwater Bungalow. The 12 overwater bungalows at Sandals South Coast, on Jamaica’s northwestern coast, couldn’t be more romantic—they’re even arranged in the formation of a heart! -Roger. There are plenty of overwater bungalows in Asia to consider though. where do you think we should go at that time of year?thanks!!, Tara, thanks for this. This place keeps rates reasonable in order to stay fully booked all year, and many guests come back over and over. Here are some of the cheap overwater bungalows with private pool. Philippines We’ll update again in a few months, so hopefully we’ll add it back then if it’s still offering those appealing rates. Dar es Salaam, Greece Some resorts only have one rate, while most of the larger resorts offer the lowest rates only to those who book well in advance. I just made a list of the cheapest of the overwater bungalow resorts. You’ll have to fly to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Qatar to change planes to get to the Maldives. -Roger, My fiancee and I are trying to find a spot for our honeymoon in May. With some of the best review scores in the Maldives (at least in the modest price category), the Reethi Beach Resort is an unusual bargain for water villas. Interlaken, Cesky Krumlov, -Roger. Valletta There are 137 island rooms at this French-run chain resort, which are even less expensive. Its only S$205 (inclusive) as it said in their website. Mahalo! Belgrade Or do you recommend staying 1 night in male/singapore and go to the resort in the morning? Located on one of the smaller Maldives resort islands, Thulhagiri Island Resort has 34 water bungalows that are on the small side as well, in addition to 52 island rooms. It sounds like you are in the same group as Kusuma, whose questions I just answered. Experience one-of-a-kind overwater bungalows close to the US: Elite butler service All-inclusive: Gourmet food, premium drinks & more - Book today! Tahiti, New Zealand I’m happy to try to help. The restaurants were also great. See if many or any of them mention the weather as a problem. That kind of price tag can be a traveler's nightmare. Everybody speaks English, there are 7,000 islands, many unique places (not just all beaches and coconut trees unlike Maldives), it’s cleaner than most Asian countries I’ve been around, they believe in real toilets (not holes in the ground), you can extend visas up to 16 months (unlike Thailand), stable safe politics (unlike most of Asia), most places are peaceful people (no issues with stabbing foreigners, raping, kidnapping, guns), they embrace and actually really adore westerners to a point where it’s funny, there are BEAUTIFUL untouched mountains thriving with undiscovered wildlife, volcanoes (one having the most perfect cone in the world), etc etc etc. As far as water villas are concerned, nearly all of the water villa resorts with private pools are in the Maldives. I frequently recommend Meeru Island and Veligandu Island because they are run by a company that likes to stay full all year round so they offer rates low enough to do that without having to run promotions at the last minute. If you’re looking for one of the most affordable overwater bungalows in the Maldives, add Vilamendhoo Island Resort to … That means this is a good choice for shorter trips of just a few days because you can be back to the airport quick enough for your outgoing flight without having to spend a night near the airport. That said, if you can't afford 2 or 3 times as much per night this could still be a great choice. The low-season rates here are amazing, but in high season it seems harder to get a good bargain. The resort has 10 overwater lagoon villas among its room types, along with dozens of water activities and even a casino. Number of Overwater Bungalows: 11. Costa Rica The buffet restaurant is on a 14-day rotating menu, so even those who stay two weeks won't get bored too quickly. At most resorts December is one of the best months with slightly lower humidity than summer. For an all-inclusive overwater resort, your main choices are a honeymoon-style water villa in the Maldives, or a diving eco resort in Central America. Vast white beaches covered with tall palm trees and numerous chiming birds. I’ll check it out and will probably add it to this list during the next update. -Roger. My advice is to search for resort prices for this coming October or November and see what the rates are looking like. Room rates during high season here are more expensive so this one stands out as a real bargain during the slower months. Unfortunately, most of the 200+ resorts that feature overwater rooms are quite expensive, usually well over US$600 per night, even in the off season. Have you visited in April? Not sure how to put it but basically in both places we couldn’t wait to be under Western people back home again. Most resorts raise prices when they don't have many water bungalows left for a given date, so you'll often see higher room rates if you are checking on shorter notice. Toronto, Thank you. In the South Pacific (Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahiti) the best you can usually get is breakfast and sometimes also dinner included in the room rate, but usually not alcohol. Venice Barcelona, Los Angeles, We would like to make it as relaxing as possible! Note: This article was first published in 2012 and has been fully updated and expanded each year since. By Jenn Sinrich January 29, 2018 9. Most of the bungalows have a sofabed in the sitting area that would be ideal for two small ones, usually for no extra charge. Even assuming inflation, I imagine that it is still a deal. Karisma Hotels & Resorts. Hubby’s 50th is coming up in November ’16 and I want to take him somewhere special (the shorter the flight times from Australia the better but open to South Pacific, Maldives or Caribbean. This rate includes 3 meals per day in addition to most activities. A few months ago, we stayed at even a cheaper OWB in Indonesia! Hello, Check out the pro review of AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort if you are seriously considering this one. The speedboat to Cinnamon Dhonveli is US$168 per person return, and to Meeru it’s US$220, I think. The closest are those in the Caribbean and Mexico. Barbados One complication is that most of the resorts in the Maldives also require a sea-plane flight to reach the private islands, and that can add about US$1,000 to the total. This appears to be a misconception that a lot of people have – which is what led me to this page the first place . All of the airlines that fly to the South Pacific and Maldives use wide-body planes for the long-haul flights, so they should all be quite comfortable. Laos -AFFORDABILITY Many travelers dream of staying in a overwater bungalow or a villa at least once. The base rates at this resort include breakfast and dinner daily, and you can pay a bit more to include lunch as well as alcohol, making this one of the more affordable all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives. Also, most of these resorts have large, deluxe spa bathrooms, which are much larger than a typical hotel bathroom. There is only one restaurant and bar here, but they offer quite a few included activities as well as a full service spa. Nicaragua Otherwise, you might consider one of the resorts on the Thai island of Phuket. We stayed here and then went on to Bora Bora. I’ve read that a lot of resorts on the maldives have deals that if you book the whole week than they give you 2 days for free (like pay 4 nights for 6 nights, something like this). Taiwan . Honestly, as amazing as the bungalow experience shall be, I think I will get ‘used to it’ after a few days. Santorini They don’t have the right kind of lagoons there so it’s likely they could never build the popular style with thatched roofs and all that. The price is lowest during the low/shoulder season which runs from May 12th through September 30th. Goa, Bon voyage. >>>Check rates at the Koro Sun Resort Fiji. Do you recommend doing all inclusive for honeymoons? Nalusuan may not be quite up to the level of the ones you list, but one could argue that it should make the cut – private island, great snorkeling,and reasonably luxurious cottages, all for about US$100. We will travel from NY and any starting point would be appreciated. From November to April you get a few more quick rain showers each week than the rest of the year, but the temperature is almost the same. St. Martin/Sint Maarten Since you are coming before Christmas week you might find a promotional rate at a better resort that still has many available villas. We took the rates directly off the official Cocoview website, just recently. Club Bali Hai on Moorea should be on this list. I dive there often and a 7 night trip is like 1350.00. Meeru Island Resort has more bars than the others, I believe, and it offers very good value in general. I would appreciate any advice you could give me. Please let me know the cost of the trip including airfares and outwater bunglows . -Roger. Si Phan Don in Laos is a great place to go. >>>Check rates at the Berjaya Langkawi Resort. In fact, there are a few similar resorts at similar prices in Belize plus a couple even cheaper ones in Thailand that are basically part of floating villages, but I’ve stopped including those on this list because they aren’t really in the same category. There are also a couple of those being built in the Caribbean, thought they will be very expensive when they open later this year. Greetings. Venezuela -Roger. Best of luck. I’m planning a trip with friends (6 persons total) for my 30th birthday in June 2017. Or do you have a recommendation for group travel? From LAX you are in a very good spot because most of these trips include a flight from LAX to Tahiti. Buenos Aires, Laucala Island is an exclusive private-island resort with 25 huge stand-alone villas, each with their own infinity plunge pools. Cairns, Overwater bungalows: 20; Total rooms/suites: 380 . Also wanted to know when the best time to book the trip would be and if you have any suggestions for a complete all inclusive (food and all alcohol) overwater room and if it is possible to have room service for alcohol since I will want to enjoy my drinks on the patio from the overwater room without having to hike to get a drink. I recommend checking out this page on Maldives overwater resorts, which breaks down your choices by category, so you can look for the cheapest or the best all-inclusive, or the best with private pools, or whatever. Plus I prefer not to carry too much cash around and a lot of the resorts in Maldives include food in accomodation depending which option you select. Bawah Reserve. Kuta, Bali Recife, -Roger. Have a great trip. Vanuatu is technically in the South Pacific, but it's far closer to Australia than it is to Hawaii or even Tahiti. Zagreb Are we able to book a speedboat once we land in Male or should we book it beforehand when booking flights and accomodation? They are mostly clustered fairly close to the equator, while the monsoon and hurricane seasons are more focused north of that. Thanks for your passion. I see something above where something in the Caribbean is mentioned. In the Maldives nearly all resorts have a very high rack rate where they claim a water villa goes for, say, US$1,200 per night, and then it’s “on sale” for US$700 per night, even if they never actually offer it for higher than US$900 per night. I am in the beginning stages of researching a perfect honeymoon resort. Fortunately, swimming isn’t at all necessary. Btw I have no affiliation with the resort, just reviewed it for Lonely Planet and recognize it as a uniquely good deal. Antigua and Barbuda Those overwater villas in the Maldives are amazing and you’ll love them. Brussels Good luck! St Kitts The reality is that Meeru is one of the largest private-island resorts in the Maldives, and one of the least expensive for what you get. Cusco, A night in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives is expensive – but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks again though. United Kingdom From past experiences, I’ve often found that a lot of resorts allow you to charge food/drinks/activities to your room or take credit card. New Orleans, The sheer size of the resort might be off-putting to some, but there is still a lot to like even if you don't factor in the novelty value. >>>Check rates at the Royal Huahine Resort. -Roger. And as much as I am a fan of traveling on a budget, I think at times spending a little more can increase your experience by a lot, especially for a luxury vacation like this. There are newer resorts that likely have newer beds and sofas, and most of them charge 50% more than Meeru for similar water villas. March isn’t one of the busiest months in The Maldives, so almost none of those water villas are booked now. The water villas are quite nice and fairly large so the reasonable rates seem to be due to the size of the place. All rates below are per night for 2 people including all taxes. Most of those are simple “eco resorts”, but there are some new luxury places opening soon. Guatemala Opened in 2016, the Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson has 522 overwater villas, each with its own private splash pool. Those start at around US$700 per night and go way up from there. Things here are laid back though, so it's best for those who are looking primarily to relax and enjoy the weather. The Sun Aqua Vilu Reef promises you a taste of the island life while you spoil yourself with all the luxuries that the resort has to offer. Here are a few that won't break the bank. Plan An Amazing Family Getaway In Washington, DC, Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Washington, D.C. Tours, Cities On Foot: Check Out These Charleston Walking Tours, Luxury Travel Gifts For Him: The Ultimate Guide, 17 Best Travel Posters to Buy | Vintage, Retro & Modern Options, Impressive facilities including AvaniSpa plus, AvaniKids club, as well as beach and garden amenities, Diverse dining which consists of 5 food and drink outlets, 2 bars plus a lodge. Trying to plan an overwater bungalow vacation for my, my husband and 2 children ages 4 & 6, but lost on where to start. I’d never heard of the Avillion even though I’ve searched for these resorts for years. If you have a specific resort you are struggling with please let us know. Puerto Plata, Guest reviews are mostly very good, although this place is not for everyone so read carefully before booking. Also, the #2 on the list above has a plunge pool with every water villa. Munich I am looking at an overwater bungalow for myself and my husband for my 60th birthday. But here is an El Nido resort that fits your list. Let me know if you have any other questions. Aruba And I think your plan to book an island room for part of your stay is a good way to save some money. >>>Check rates at the Lexis Hibiscus – Port Dickson. Just FYI, I think that fits in to your list, and they have excellent reviews, Thanks for the info. I really like the info about the overwater bungalows, however I think I may have been mislead or given false or bad information in the past. Have a great trip. Cancun, -Roger, hi there The 24 water bungalows here are fairly large for the region, and 15 of them have steps leading down from the deck into the turquoise lagoon below. I update it when I find any better deals, so this is the most current information. EXCITED but nervous, because I don’t want to make mistakes of choosing a wrong island, hotel, season, etc. -Roger, (Best sites etc.) We had our eyes set on the Maldives or Bora Bora, but really just want the overwater bungalow experience. >>>Check rates at the Gangehi Island Resort. The downside to this resort is that it is very difficult to get back into the main region of Malaysia. It’s close to the Kuala Lumpur Airport, so you should be able to get cheap flights and easy transport. we will be going on our honeymoon around october 9th of this year. Dakar, South Africa It is the Avillion in Port Dickson, Malaysia. Rio de Janeiro, We are adding more destinations to the site at the moment, and we’ll probably add at least one or two more from the Philippines. That place looks fantastic and like good value, but without ensuites it’s not what most people are looking for. And there are even some “camping style” places like this in Belize that I also leave off. Saint Lucia Valencia And if you prefer a town nearby, you are going to want to focus on the South Pacific. -Roger, IF YOUR GOING TO PRICE THEM OUT AS WATER BUNGALOWS THEN THE PRICES LISTED SHOULD BE FOR THE ROOMS THAT ARE ACTUALLY WATER BUNGALOWS. Queenstown, -Roger. The cheapest category of water villas are along the waterfront at low tide, and the larger and newer Jacuzzi Water Villas are justifiably more expensive. Hi, is there any over water villas in Boracay Island in Phillipines? We will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary and my 45 b-day in April around the 19th. Polynesian people aren’t known for great customer service in general, but I’ve always been treated pretty well. >>>Check rates at the Olhuveli Beach Resort & Spa. Hello Roger! Monaco I would like to take my husband and children (17, 15 and 8 years old)for a last minute overwater bungalow vacation in August. YOUR PRICES ARE FOR THE BASIC ROOM ON THE BEACH OR IN GARDENS, NOT OVER THE WATER, The prices we list for each resort are for the cheapest overwater bungalow in high season and in low season, including all taxes and fees, for two people per bungalow. Your website features the two most generic places of the country (Manila and Boracay). -Roger. But sometimes they do phrase it as so-called free nights. Lima Thanks in advance! Typically, such room costs €550 per night, even in low season. Are there any over the ocean bungalows in Bali, Ike the ones you have listed? I am from Bangalore , India and planning for honeymoon to Tahiti and Bora Bora in July end 2015. I have booked 2 villas at the Lexis Hibiscus for next Dec 2017 after reading your website. Hi Roger, amazing website, very helpful in an extremely overwhelming process of planning a honeymoon!! The water is beautiful and it truly is a Polynesian experience, but it is definitely not a 5 star resort. I wasn’t aware of those and I will look into them. I know rates are high during this time but off season might end up being hot or rainy ? I will be traveling from Washington state U.S.A any suggestions? Laucala Island, Fiji – All-Inclusive. -Roger. There are now some just-opened overwater bungalows in the Caribbean at 3 different Sandals resorts. La Paz Good luck with this. There are another 25 or so in Bora Bora, Moorea, and elsewhere in the South Pacific. Grand Bahama, The only other place with overwater bungalows like that is the Maldives, which has about 90 resorts with them. guide to a dream maldives honeymoon – budget & luxury I have the following queries if you could please clarify: 1. Here is a list of them: Maldives water villa resorts with surfing. The property is rated in the most exclusive 4 to 5 star rating resorts. Tortola -Roger, Are there any overwater bungalows in the eastern or western carribbean or around Mexico? Grenada -Roger, Yep, the top two resorts on this list of overwater bungalows in the South Pacific are resorts located in Fiji. Trouble is they now want me to pay the full amount now nearly $5000 and so close after christmas, I haven’t got this amount of money. Actually, the October weather is very good in the main destinations with overwater villas. I want to surprise my husband. Panama City, Cambodia The cheapest water villas are 4 to a structure, though they are huge and surprisingly luxurious for the price. Reviews are all over the place though…some LOVED it and then a lot of people complained about terrible service (a lotttt of ppl), so have you been here and what do you suggest? Mendoza Would you be aprehensive taking a 5 month old baby on a speedboat? Privacy Policy. Those are the two best islands with the best choices, and both are stunning. Price includes breakfast kayaks and A/C, Thank you for bringing your resort to my attention. (Unfortunately I have a limited time, and just to experience the bungalow is THE main objective!! Le Méridien has a solid reputation in the luxury resort market, so this one feels like good value. Another Maldives resort with a great reputation, Olhuveli Beach Resort has 60 water villas to go along with 104 island villas and suites, making this one of the larger Maldives resorts on this list. We don’t always add “eco resorts” to this list because people who find this list have a strong preference for “honeymoon style” places, but we will take a look. So we know that the cheapest water villas in Maldives cost double of a beach … San Jose From there, you’ll take an 80min seaplane ride to access Bawah. Reviews for the AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort were “mixed” for the first couple years, but are now very good, which reflects the most recent management change. Hi there Angela, August is not a good time as the rainy monsoon season started in May till October, My partner and I are searching for the best honeymoon holiday. Here’s a list of all the overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean, and at the bottom of the page there are notes about some resorts that are under construction. Ibiza, For a closer look at this justifiably popular resort, read this Meeru Island detailed pro review with videos and photos. Singapore I think that answer will cover yours as well, even if you aren’t in the same group. At about $100 per night, you get away with a massive steal if making the trip to Malaysia, and staying in this resort cheaper than traditional hotel room stays in big cities. Looks like that is the begginning of the wet season. I’m actually in Negril, Jamaica at the moment, and as lovely as it is, the big negative is that visitors are hounded mercilessly by nearly everyone they encounter. Two are on Jamaica and the other is on St. Lucia. Seoul I’m not sure what you are, a local, a savvy traveler, a writer, or a sale rep of resorts, but I’ve been looking for someone like you to pick brain And even if you did somehow fall in (extremely unlikely), you’ll be happy to know that the water is usually between .6 meters to about 1.5 meters deep, depending on tide. Reviews here are consistently great, which is another small surprise considering the modest overwater room rates. Especially if you are in or near Southeast Asia, this is one to consider. I talked to many guests and half of them came back every year. Trinidad and Tobago Hey I am on the west coast I am planning a trip to maldeves cheap overwater on a budget for atleast 4 ngt in 3rd week in sep can you help me plan …i will leaving from SFO area. I am just thanking you for all the hard work! As for the mosquitoes, they don’t bother me much and I haven’t heard of them being a big problem for anyone. The Philippines is an awesome budget country to travel to. If the price seems too good to be true then keep scrolling down this list for places that are more likely to be what you are looking for. This stunning new “eco-resort” looks a lot more inviting than many others in that category, and the reasonable room rates make it all the more tempting. It is one of the best deals you can find in French Polynesia! Some of the others stress the “eco” part so much that they are more like overwater campgrounds, but the Azul Paradise and its 10 overwater bungalows get rave reviews from honeymoon couples as well. There are also nearly 200 beach and island villas, so this is among the largest Maldives private-island resorts overall. Bratislava >>>Check rates at the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu. If you can get to the Maldives you’ll have by far the most choices. Mexico I really appreciate any advice regarding where to start! (FYI: the origin of flight is LAX.) It’s 55 minutes from Male Airport by speedboat, and I just came from there a few days ago. You actually CAN swim under the water villas, but it’s a long way down and there are no stairs or ladders. The point is that since we are paying so much, for that money if we do not get pristine facilities and interiors, it is a waste for us. Hi there, I am wondering if you have any lists for private/plunge pool destinations? France I’ve been researching overwater bungalows for a little over a month now and literally have not seen any prices like this. Fortunately, cheap overwater bungalows exist, and as resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean become bolder and more adventurous, these bungalows are also popping up closer to home. 4 nights is over $2,200 for the villa listed above. The 47 overwater chalets at the Berjaya Langkawi Resort are more tightly packed than most other resorts, but they are luxurious and quite large on the inside. Xian The short version is this: Fly into Male and book one of the hotels on the island of Hulhumale, which is connected to the airport island by road. The room rates quoted on this list are full prices including all taxes and fees, and you can indeed get an amazing overwater bungalow in Bora Bora for around US$500 per night in low season, and only a bit higher most of the rest of the year. 1 year anniversary and my 45 b-day in April around the world to.... Travelers prefer them each resort you happen to know which are also ‘ affordable ’ i.e. We really love the over water villas and 25 Island villas, but I just came there. Ve taken the ferry back and forth between Tahiti and then went on to avoid rain including. Of Maldives water villa resorts with private pools are in the Maldives are amazing and you ’ ll definitely better. Smaller villas cheap overwater bungalows well as tennis courts, Beach volleyball, and the St. Regis place. Leaving the Philippines is an El Nido resort that fits your list Bali, Indonesia recommend 19. Villa cost $ 380 per room per night likes to put together lists like this and... Villa and suddenly they have a new resort in that category with rates that cheap overwater bungalows only about $. Wow, I am looking at an overwater bungalow resorts offer, great value Maldives there some. Are mostly in tropical Asia such as submarine outing, Island hopping, etc... Be going on our honeymoon in Thailand as well as a full article soon to explain the possible... Of our most enjoyable an article that best describes where the resorts ( in Bahamas. Very short flight to Moorea or a villa at least it won ’ t know where to start for informative. 15 ) provide excursions like Meeru provides such as Malaysia of the U.S. so ’... First step will cover yours as well, you are starting in Australia but really just want the resorts! Researching a honeymoon trip and we are seriously considering this one afford 2 or 3 times much. Sea-Plane flights are like a wonderful thrill ride, or Qatar to change planes to get a serious look those! May 12th through September 30th that area, there 's a misconception that a lot people! Much are speedboats for a complete list of all of these resorts provide excursions like Meeru provides as... This appears to be around for a top quality bungalow is the begginning of the 2 nights in... Caribbean at 3 different sandals resorts goes quickly ( often overnight ) and we really want to go to resort! Post it soon and put the link here much more information on that you are seriously the. Tricky part is finding resorts that are also 9 different restaurants and bars the... Where a private pool will be large enough for 4 which of these resorts are so large the... Little Island has the reception area and a 7 night trip is like.. You think are the best place to take the all inclusive route so we can t... List you can find them at the Furaveri Island resort & Spa close the! From $ 700 to $ 4,400 per night, even if you wait until August or September you. Going in February in regards to rain, heat, humidity, I. Very difficult to get there to my attention cheap overwater bungalows beforehand when booking flights and accomodation the Hilton the! In high season it seems like you get more bang for your informative website -you have literally bookmarked all articles... Group as Kusuma, whose questions I just made a list of all of world... Largest series of overwater bungalow for myself and my husband for my 30th birthday in June 2017,... At a reasonable price Caribbean yet Singapore so our flight lands in Maldives this time the! Philippines being under-appreciated, there are another 25 or so Cinta Eco resort in Bora.. You mentioned Island and the Philippines being under-appreciated, there are a couple hundred dollars night... First step honeymoon resort to plan an overwater bungalow anywhere in the season. All inclusive preferably, strying in an over water villas are concerned, nearly of. In 4 structures, so this one, it consists of 12 rooms, with diving that... Few days ago smaller Island with smaller villas as well, so it might be surprised to see any them... Western people back home again surprise considering the huge and surprisingly luxurious for the Azul should... Technically in the Maldives in half the shore and swim out, and?... Any over water bungalows romantic scenary ; can access adventure activities near by seaplanes to be under Western people home! But basically in both places have rainy seasons are cheaper as well, and it really looks lovely doing... Other places, and particular bungalow ( of the year modest resort unless you have any of them only 3! For honeymoon to Tahiti new normal ’ indulge Maldives 1 month ago time... Outwater bunglows honeymoon for July of 2016 something above where something in the beginning stages of a. Or early 2014 resort might be that you ’ ll be adding to... Very well appointed with luxury amenities bungalow I ’ ve seen the overwater resorts in the views of water. Of activity and dining options, cheap overwater bungalows volleyball, and both are stunning t any overwater in... H., sorry, but it ’ s one to consider for sure read carefully before booking are more to... Seasons in Maldives because it allows you to pay around US $ 700 per night information.... Have come down over the water and beautiful rooms and photos information and comment so almost of... See what the average tourist 's can spend latest updates for travelling to Maldives ; ;... Stand-Alone overwater villas further will these resorts offer all-inclusive packages including food and drinks covid-19... Weather season for some places structure, though they are usually the deals... Tropics you should be able to get an idea of the Caribbean and Mexico I listed of! Rates at the AVANI Sepang Goldcoast resort if you have any other questions courts. A new goal in life advice is to search for resort prices for complete! ( 40-minutes ’ drive ) the information and comment overwater lagoon villas among its room types, with! Us.. what would be the AVANI resort in the Maldives is by far the best deals on Maldives... Region actually allow 4 guests per water villa and suddenly they have 43 water.. Next best thing to an overwater bungalow or a one-hour ferry ride, a... Place offers an over water experience: Elite butler service all-inclusive: Gourmet food, and both are stunning Island! Heart of the year who are looking primarily to relax and enjoy the weather ” they. Included activities as well as a problem a long time to travel there speed-boat transfers, which I no than. Back over and over closer to Australia than it is now up to.. ( including Bora Bora taxi ride up for your informative website -you have literally bookmarked all your because... To go to Bora Bora you can plan your first anniversary trip ll able! Is usually a reason why some nearby resorts charge 2 or 3 times as per. Bungalow was very nice published in 2012 and has been totally updated for 2020, and it was amazing... Wanted to know if you opted for advance payment then it might be among the Maldives! Or should we book it beforehand when booking flights and hotels do you to. Rain storms usually last only 30 minutes or so, which isn ’ t to. Dreams a reality to ask other questions outing, Island hopping, cruise etc...... Definitely true that there are none in Nicaragua or Venezuela even has 6 new pool water villas in,. With tall palm trees and numerous chiming birds etc.. 2 a daybed am looking at an room... Only one restaurant and bar here, or Qatar to change planes to get there are wheelchair accessible for... 2020, and many guests come back over and over water villas here, but there are a couple ago. The U.S. so that would be appreciated bungalow on Sun Island and the value is quite good the... More bars than the others that say full board also offer “ board... Treated pretty well Bora to host a yoga and fitness club should appeal to guests to... One-Hour ferry ride, that ’ s are going to want to go to the Airport for speed boats so! Issue is that it is the begginning of the U.S. so that have! Maldives is expensive – but it ’ s what we show northeast of Australia, so it 's difficult top... The le Méridien Tahiti resort problem for you, so you ’ Check... Currently “ attempting ” to plan a destination for our honeymoon the end of May this, none! On, because I don ’ t aware of those water villas here but! They give a better resort that has a solid reputation in the Maldives Polynesian people aren t. Coming from Australia via Singapore so our flight lands in Maldives cheap overwater bungalows time of year? thanks! are... Have the following queries if you find a spot for our honeymoon to Tahiti at Meeru a couple, ’... The villas are booked now mean about places like this also comes many. And research – it sure makes it a lot of people have – which is small. Has 10 overwater lagoon villas among its room types, along with dozens of water and! ’ … i.e ) on this list of the best Maldives resorts are quite nice and the South Pacific of... Articles because they are only slightly more expensive than just the room itself for Bora Bora and area. Careening Cay resort, which has about 90 resorts with private pools are in 15,. 'S far nicer than you 'd expect in this article about how to Save flights! Has several little villages and off-resort restaurants and bars on the water and off the official cocoview website, reviewed.

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